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Introducing the Anne Kent Taylor Fund

Dear Friends,

As a first post I thought I needed to tell you about who the Anne Kent Taylor Fund and our work in the Masai Mara. My  name is Anne and I live partly in the Masai Mara.

In 1998, I began to receive visits from a large, wild warthog that lived near her cottage in Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. This warthog could usually be found lying in the sun or grazing on the lawn in front of my verandah. He sought out my company and encouraged me to scratch his ears, de-tick him and, as he rolled on his back like a puppy, rub his tummy!

As he had become a permanent fixture in my life in the Mara, he was named Sir Francis Bacon! One morning in 1999, Sir Francis Bacon came up to my house with an arrow embedded deeply in his side. I quickly organized for a Kenya Wildlife Service veterinarian to come and surgically remove the arrowhead. Sir Francis successfully recovered and years later he died a natural death. His offspring still visit me at my cottage on a regular basis – one young male has even larger tusks than those of Sir Francis! Trunk severed by a snare Trunk severed by a snare poaching poaching Because of what happened to Sir Francis, I feared an increase in poaching activity and began to informally patrol the region searching for other injured animals.

To my horror, my fears were justified when she found several elephant, lion and giraffe that had become badly entangled in life threatening wire snares. These were embedded deeply into the animals’ limbs, and the elephants’ trunks, causing unfathomable pain and damage. Remarkably, once the wire snares were removed and the wounds treated, the animals were able to make a full recovery. Giraffe snare being removed Giraffe snare being removed I started the Anne K. Taylor Fund (AKTF) which works with the authorities in the Masai Mara to help control bush meat poaching and conducts community education programs on the importance of saving wildlife. Support us in saving the Mara.

My team and I will be telling you more about our work and hoping you will join us on our adventures .